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ITU AUV Team is an underwater robotics team, that came together to prepare for challenges around the world such as SUAUVC'20 and RoboSub'20. The team had 2 years of experience with the MATE ROV competition, now we're finally working on an AUV.

Our Team

ITU AUV Team has 30 undergraduate student members from different engineering disciplines from Istanbul Technical University. Our team consist of mechanical, electronics, software, and organizational subteams.


Since the summer of 2018, we have been working day and night to make a better vehicle so that we can compete in the best way in international competitions.


Features of our AUV

Fast Computing

Nvidia Jetson Xavier powered system, to have massive processing power.

Great Battery

4S12P 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack, to operate all-day long.


8x T100 Thrusters from BlueRobotics, to deliver adequate thrust.


We share our knowledge. Our Git Repository is public.

Sharp Eyes

4K resolution CSI interface cameras, to have a deeper computer vision.


To power the worlds robots.

News from Media

Anadolu Ajansı

Gençlerden 'otonom su altı aracı'yla savunma sanayisine destek

İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

İTÜ AUV Takımı’ndan Otonom Su Altı Aracı Araştırmaları


İTÜ AUV Takımı, geleceğin sualtı teknolojileri için yarışıyor


Gençlerden "otonom su altı aracı"yla savunma sanayisine destek

Ulusal Kanal

Yerli 'Otonom su altı aracı'


Genç mühendisler yaptı: 'Özel su altı aracı'


Gençlerden 'otonom su altı aracı'yla savunma sanayisine destek


Gençler 'otonom su altı aracı' geliştirdi!


Gençlerden 'otonom su altı aracı'yla savunma sanayisine destek

Frequently Asked Questions

For all your questions and opinions, you can reach us via our social media accounts or you can write us an e-mail. Details of the contest can be found on the contest website.

What is AUV?

An autonomous underwater vehicle is a robot that travels underwater without requiring input from an operator.

What is Robosub?

Robosub is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world, first started in 1997 by RoboNation. The world's most successful technical universities (CalTech, Cornell Uni. EtH ...) compete in Robosub. Teams are trying to solve challenging tasks like autonomous navigation, image processing, acoustic localization and robotic manipulation.

Why should you be supporting?

With your sponsorship, our team will be happy with the honor of representing our country in a highly prestigious international competition. In addition, your company will be represented by our team among with many famous companies.